Innovative Interactions


Show new students around campus and drive traffic to unique areas with interactive tours.

Un-Plug & Play

Integrate technology in your classroom and make the most of the medium.


Engage students in fun, creative ways as an alternative learning tool.


Integrate technology in your classroom to help enhance education and encourage passion in learning. Students of all ages know their way around tablets, smartphones and computers- so make the most of these mediums. It’s up to you as the educator to combine tech and textbooks to offer unique learning opportunities.

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As education develops digitally there are risks that come with it, so the focus on student information and privacy is of utmost importance. Eventzee maintains player privacy by putting control in the hands of educators to create anonymous student accounts. Classes can then connect these usernames to a set of in-class mobile devices for educational uses. Privacy is maintained and fun can ensue.

Explore Education

Bring Eventzee to your campus as a tool for interactive tours. Help new students find their way around campus with the app's map function. Teach them the history of the school with customized quiz questions and hidden messages.

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