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Create custom mobile scavenger hunts for work get-togethers, family outings, and much more. Whether it’s for 200 people or 2,000, Eventzee's feature-filled and user-friendly smartphone app will get your game going in no time!

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What We Offer

Choose Your Weapon

Create Quiz, Photo and Hidden Message clues.

Keep Control

Create, customize and communicate from the Admin Dashboard.

The Future is NOW

Use smartphone technology to engage players.

Easy Event Planning

Lose the pen and paper and bring your scavenger hunt into the 21st century. The Eventzee smartphone app keeps users engaged and organized- all in one place. Submit photos, scan hidden codes and more all with the click of a button!

The app makes it easy for players, but the Eventzee administrative tools are here to make running a scavenger hunt easier than ever. Create scavenger hunts, message players, approve photos and more, all from the comfort of your computer.

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Picture Perfect

Incorporate photo scavenger hunt clues to encourage interaction and creativity. Players simply submit a photo of whatever the clue asks for and then the admin either approves or denies it for points. It's quick, easy and FUN!

Players can share the photos to social media right then and there or you can all relive the event time and time again with our gallery slideshow feature.

Code Breakers

Hide distinct QR Codes in the real world and get your players moving. Players will find the hidden codes based on clues to their locations and then scan them for points. Either trust in your players' sleuthing skills or tie the codes to GPS locations to reveal an in-app map.

  • Add a Quiz to test your players
  • Add a message to keep your players guessing

Want to Try It Out?

To get a feel for how Eventzee works reach out to us to set up a demo!

  • Get a hands on idea of how the product works.
  • Create clues, send messages, and more.
  • View Testimonials on the Eventzee Blog to see how others have used to program!


Our participants LOVED the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt. We even had adult leaders join the fun and participate, too. This was our most popular event, with over 300 participants actively playing along. Throughout the week, countless youth and adults commented to our Venturing Fest staff about how much they loved the scavenger hunt and how much fun they were having." – Jessica (Ayala) Janscha @ Boy Scouts of AmericaRead More on Our Blog

Our attendees had a blast! It encouraged everyone to go to each booth and mingle more than they would have without the scavenger hunt. And, since it was heavily photo based, we have come away with a lot of great images of products and customers using products that we can use for marketing pieces throughout the year." - Amanda Wallace @ Something InkedRead More On Our Blog

The software was easy to use and the Eventzee Team was even better! Each week they answered my questions and did everything possible to make our hunts a success. They gave great insight and advice while letting us tailor the hunts to best fit our situation. We enjoyed the experience so much that we immediately purchased a year’s subscription." - Shannon Newsome @ Reidsville Christian Church Read More on Our Blog

It was a total success! The scavenger hunt coupled with the chance to win prizes created an enjoyable experience for our participants. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed using the leaderboard feature so that they could see where they stood at any time. The way that the Eventzee admin portal is set up, made it really easy for the facilitators." - Denise Hernandez @ North Coastal Consortium for Special Education Read More on Our Blog

We used Eventzee for our annual Scavenger Hunt. As the coordinator, it saved me so much time in kicking off our event. As far as all of our volunteers, it saved us a ton of time at the end of our event. In the past we have had a roomful of people checking in with their scavenger hunt items – taking time and space. Using an app completely streamlined our process and helped me keep my sanity." - Cindy Mahnesmith @ Troy Titans Football Club Read More on Our Blog